the most ironic thing i’ve ever seen people do

is draw trees that are still alive on paper.


The similarities of our heroes

Talking about Tris, Katniss, Harry, and Percy. If you don’t know who these people are, stop reading, it may contain spoilers, wait no, it will contain spoilers. Right. Straight to the point.

1. They’re all sorted into something.

You’ve seen all those “Which faction would you be in?”, “What district do you belong to?” or “Which house would the sorting hat put you in?” quizzes stranded over the internet? Yes, of course you have. In nearly every single book that features a hero, there is always sorting someone into something, but oho, that’s not all – you can’t be like everyone else in the background – you have to be the boy who lived, Divergent, the girl on fire or the son of Poseidon, destined to save the world or whatever.

2. Tragedies.

There’s always some dark, evil force like Lord Voldemort, and there’s always a hero to magically save the day. It’s seriously always like that. How about we just have no heroes at all, and there won’t be any tragedies?


3. Awkward relationships with no chemistry.

THERE’S ALWAYS ROMANCE, where two characters with pretty much no chemistry touch lips, or, more to the point: characters who do not like each other at the beginning, but somehow manage to be close anyway? I’m talking about Ron & Hermione. Not to mention Tris & Tobias: so original, the main girl heroine falls in love with the guy with the dark past or whatever. God – don’t get me wrong, I love the Divergent series, but this is the part a lot of young adult fiction authors need to fix.

4. Always makes readers want to be them.

No, seriously, it does. It really does, and it always kicks out the fact that the characters have suffered to the point they want to bleed to death, as Dumbledore so perfectly described. Look at Harry. Both his parents are dead. Then at Percy. He got abandoned by his dad, not to mention the courage it takes to wake up everyday and face his dyslexia and ADHD. Look at Tris, she watched both her parents die, and now she’s dead, leaving Tobias to suffer her loss, and then look at all the other divergents in the story – more than half of their population has perished. Look at Katniss, she was sentenced to go into an arena where she was forced to kill people to have the chance to live, and don’t even get me started on the after effects.

Honestly don’t know why I made this post, but anyway, that’s all the points I could think off.







The Blood of Olympus cover


ahhh yesss ❤ i love this cover bc /as you can see/ ; percy is standing at the head of the group, not jason. lmao.

i ❤ this cover better than the last, this is the UK’s, and it also goes to australia, india, south africa and new zealand (:

– tarah

Looking for Alaska will be made into a new movie!

No, I’m not kidding.

The Looking for Alaska novel by the infamous John Green will actually be made into a movie.

The film, as it’s said here, will be directed by Sarah Polley, a known writer and director.

I stalk their websites.


I know.

I know.

I know!

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[[ of course you are. ]]

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Percy Jackson News


The Staff of Serapis is now available on eBook. It also includes a sneak peek of Blood Of Olympus, which is coming out on the 7th of October, 2014.

Click here to get the version with Rick (the author himself) reading it.

C O V E R – O F – B L O O D – O F – O L Y M P U S


From what I can make out, it looks like Jason is slashing down on some giants, along with Hazel and Frank. And, perhaps, Leo in the background (?).